Is your Home Safe for your Child?

Is your Home Safe for your Child?

A new addition to the family can be pretty exciting, but taking one look at your home will make you realise that your child will be subject to a number of hazards which you are better off sorting before they arrive. In no time, you will have a tiny human crawling around every corner of the house, and who knows what dangers they might get in if you do not take the necessary precautions?

Keep Things Out of Reach

Some things are more obvious than others here: candles, matches, photo frames, small toys, cutlery, crayons and medicine! Although you might not imagine it possible for a small child to light a match, they tend to explore and as their motor skills refine, this might become an option. Choking is one of the biggest hazards a child is subject to; knocking over something made of glass will shatter it in tiny pieces, which can result in a bad accident.

Toddler reaching up to grab Scissors

Make Sure youre Both Sleeping Soundly

Install window guards that limit your window to an opening of 3 inches. Like this, if your little one manages to get out of the crib, they wont get too far. You should also make sure that furniture such as dressers and wardrobes are securely anchored to the wall or to the floor, that way they wont tip over.

Get your Electronics Out of the Way

Home appliances such as microwaves and dishwashers need to be secured and their wires out of the way. A curious child with wet hands and an electronic appliance can be a deadly combination if the necessary precautions arent taken. Make sure that all sockets, plugs and power strips are kept hidden behind furniture, well out of the reach of your children.

toddler and wall plug

Put a Lid on It

Your tap can be the cause of numerous bangs and bruises. There’s also the possibility of your kid scalding him/herself if they manage to turn on the hot water tap. Not to worry, rubber spout covers are there to save the day; they are abundant and quite affordable to buy. Also make sure to keep all your waste baskets covered and not to leave plastic bag liners dangling freely; theyre a choking hazard.

Create Boundaries

We all have those rooms which wed rather keep our kids away from; whether its because theyre dangerous, or because you just have too many nice things in it, theres a really good solution for it. Installing gates in front of stairs and in front of these rooms will put your mind at ease when you are not around. Make sure to install the lock high up above your childs reach, or else it wont be of any use.