Try out our Malta Quiz- We Bet you wont Get a 100%

Most Maltese people are quite patriotic, but I bet that not even the most patriotic person on this island can get 100% on our Malta Quiz. We must admit, its pretty hard.

The island of Malta is an archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean. Its strategic geographical position has rendered it valuable for many nations throughout history; in fact, Malta has quite a rich history of conquerors. For such a small island its pretty densely populated, 431,333 residents to be exact. Its clean sea and laid back lifestyle makes it a great attraction for many tourists visiting the island. Last year alone, the Maltese islands saw two million people landing on its shores.

Everyone more or less knows this basic information about Malta, but can you complete our quiz with a 100% score at the end? Some things might surprise you! Share with a friend to see if they can beat your score.

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