A Look at Traditional Wooden Maltese Balconies

If you happen to visit locations such as Valletta, Birgu and ?a?-?ebbug, a quick glance upwards supplies a fascinating view: a row of brightly coloured traditional wooden Maltese balconies, which are usually found forming part of traditional Maltese townhouses. These quaint Maltesebalconies are an intrinsic part of Maltese culture; in fact there have been schemes in the past which were specifically aimed at preserving these works of art .

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The term Maltese balcony is rather deceiving; although there is a lot of contention as to where these balconies originated from, what is definite is that it was an outside influence that brought these balconies to the Maltese shores. Most historians believe that it originated from the Order of the Knights of Saint John, with the first closed balcony built around 1679 for the Palace of the Grand Master. However, it is during the British Era that the closed wooden balcony spread all over the island as timber (the material that is most used for wooden balconies) was cheap and widely available.

At a time when women were discouraged to go outside on their own, balconies were essential for them to socialise with their neighbours and to experience life outside their home. Weve definitely come a long way from that age, but do not be quick to dismiss the usefulness of having a balcony!

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They help bring in air and natural light to any property, while also providing a buffer for the heat and cold. The fact that balconies help increase the value of your property is only an extra benefit. Why dont you check out our range of townhouses?