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Why Gozo?

Separated from the main island of Malta by a ferry ride and a 5km stretch of sea, Gozo is Malta’s greener more tranquil island. Being a third in size, Gozo is more rural and rooted in tradition yet modern and open to change.

Gozo, typically known as ‘Ghawdex’ in Maltese is a tranquil change of scenery from the hustle and bustle that is known to be Malta. In fact, a number of locals and foreigners visit Gozo for a tempo and scene change. Smaller, greener, and more rural, the change in atmosphere is seen and felt as soon as you step into Gozo. 

The island is only 14.5km long and is surrounded by tiny villages with typical activities like fishing, and agriculture, and each with its own typical Baroque church. 

Gozo holds a special place in its heart for myth, heritage, and history. The greener island is home to the legendary megalithic temples of Ggantija, the walled Citadel, baroque churches, beautiful beaches, countryside trails for hiking and walking, and smaller cities for entertainment like Victoria or Rabat. 

Similar to Malta, Gozo’s weather and climate are very characteristic of the /Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and short, cool winters with adequate rainfall. 

Although Gozo prevails in tradition and the quieter side of life, it still offers an exceptional shopping arcade, restaurants, bars and exciting nightlife, breathtaking diving sites, and other attractions.

How to get to Gozo

Located to the northwest of Malta, Gozo can be accessed by a 25-minute ferry drive, departing from Cirkewwa to Mgarr, Gozo.

Other reasons why you should make Gozo your future home

  • The ambiance and lifestyle are quieter and more serene;
  • All attractions including the main city, beaches, and countryside can be reached within minutes;
  • The Cittadella has a captivating history to tell;
  • Beautiful and historical churches including Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary;
  • A number of archaeological and mythological attractions like Ggantija and the Cave of Calypso in Xaghra;
  • Supermarkets and mini-markets are located all over the island of Gozo;
  • Primary and secondary schools are located all over Gozo;
  • Gozo is considered to be one of the safest places in the world; 
  • Good hospital care;
  • Gozo’s real estate market offers a number of possibilities and opportunities.
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Learning all about Gozo property for sale

The Gozo real estate market offers a number of possibilities including Gozo farmhouses for sale, townhouses, seaside Gozo apartments for rent, penthouses, country homes, and more – all at an attractive price and something to suit different budgets. Whether one is on the lookout for luxury villas in Gozo or small flats for rent in Gozo, all the options are there. The island also offers long-term rentals and short-term accommodation, the latter being popular with Maltese who frequent Gozo regularly. 

The property market in Gozo is varied and one that offers reasonable investment. The Kempinski Residences was Gozo’s first luxury lifestyle project which was followed by Hal Saghtrija, Hillock, l-Mgarr, Fort Chambray, Vista Point, and Tal-General, all offering luxury apartments for rent and sale, villas, and townhouses with private and communal pools and gardens. 

Discovering Gozo through localities

Browse through the different Gozo localities to see if the property for sale is the right fit for you.