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Deciding to sell your childhood home, a home you have outgrown or one that you must leave behind in order to start new adventures is not an easy task. While you may not have the opportunity to hold on to a home for one reason or another, the memories created in it will last a lifetime, and in such cases, many will want to pass on their home to a worthy new owner who will treat the home as well as they have.

Here at CENTURY 21 Malta, we perfectly understand, and we want to help. Your next step is choosing between a sole agency real estate company or an open agency. The former is when one company has the exclusive right to market your home for a designated time period while the latter is when you get more than one agency helping you sell your property. 

When choosing an open listing, there is the misconception that this option might get you more visibility, in turn, be able to sell a property faster. However, this is not always the case. 

Why choose a sole agency real estate company?

  • When opting for a sole agency, agents will agree to a lower agent commission fee as it is more likely that they will make the sale. Generally, this is reduced to 3.5% from the usual 5%. 
  • It is easier to keep track of marketing progress with a sole agency on board. 
  • Dealing with multiple agents from different firms can be time-consuming when it comes to setting up appointments, handing out several sets of keys to your home, etc. 
  • Overexposing your home to the market might give the negative impression that you want to get rid of your home. 
  • Having multiple agents representing your home might create confusion in prices giving the impression of inconsistency.

Properties under sole agencies receive a more personalized approach with agents giving your home their full attention. Here at CENTURY 21, we can accommodate your needs, whether you’re looking for a sole agency to sell your property or you prefer an open agency.

The right agent

Our dedicated manager will ensure that you find the best possible owners for your home. Your appointed sales agent will see that you are given quality service from the start of your experience to its finish. Your agent will give you regular progress updates that constantly keep you in the loop of how you are progressing.

Extensive marketing

We will work hard to market your property to the highest of our ability. Extensive local marketing, including a strong social media presence, will be provided. Access to a wide network of potential buyers is given as well. Global marketing is provided through listing the property on the CENTURY 21 global website; it reaches thousands of home-buyers, investors, and business leaders each month.

With more than 10,000 offices in 86 countries operating through a shared network system, CENTURY 21 is equipped with the necessary tools needed to sell your home. Our in-house videographer and photographer will film and take professional images of your property; these will then be used to promote it across various media, hence attracting more attention.

Our sole agency packages

We understand the property market can seem a little daunting even to the most experienced person, which is why our friendly and professional team of experts is on hand to help guide you through the whole process from start to finish. We will lead you through the viewing process, help you understand the legal fees, and fully explain the various types of estate agency agreements so you are in control and can make an informed decision as to what the best option is for you.

One of the most important decisions is whether to opt for a sole agency, where an agency has the exclusive right to market your property for a fixed period of time (usually 6 to 12 months), or for an open agency, where your property will be marketed by various agencies.

The decision that you make will affect the commission payable to the agency together with the marketing exposure that your property will receive. Sellers opting for an open listing agreement believe that allowing multiple agencies to sell their property will result in expediting the sale but experience has shown us that this is not always the case.

Why should you opt for a sole agency?

  • Lower agency fee (3.5% instead of 5%) and more exposure;
  • 80% of our sole agencies sell within 65 days;
  • Dealing with one agency only, avoid the hassle to deal with multiple agents from several agencies.;
  • If you do not reside in the property that you wish to sell, only one agency will be responsible for the keys;
  • Tracking property sale progress from multiple agencies can be overwhelming;
  • Exclusivity creates value for your property, as an agency, we will sell your property at a higher market price;
  • A specific marketing strategy will be implemented to maximize the potential to sell your property in the least time possible;
  • Sole agency properties are high on the agents’ agenda and a considerable effort is dedicated to market and sell the property.

The CENTURY 21 brand is easily recognized as one of the world’s largest franchises in the real estate market. The system currently has 130,000 sales associates, operating in over 10,000 independently owned franchise brokers across 82 countries and territories, all of which form part of the movement. To defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences for its customers. Agents and property consultants all around the world adhere to the same philosophy and have been vigorously trained to always give 121% and ensure CENTURY 21 is the go-to brand for property buyers and sellers.

We are the most recognizable real estate brand in the world and awarding your property as a Sole Agency with us gives you the peace of mind that your property will be sold at the highest price in the shortest time. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to share with you that 80% of our sole agency properties sell within 65 days.

What will you receive if you opt for the sole agency package?

  • Free valuation from our property professional;
  • Guidance throughout the sales process;
  • Guidance on preparing your property for a listing and viewing;
  • Professional photography;
  • A video walkthrough of the property;
  • Property sales tour to all regional CENTURY 21 agents;
  • Sole agency properties will feature prominently on;
  • Listing on the CENTURY 21 international portal;
  • Sponsored social media exposure;
  • On-site signage if requested;
  • Listing on local property portals;
  • Window display in our regional branches;
  • All potential buyers will be vetted to avoid waste of time;
  • Continuous feedback on client viewings;
  • Price will be negotiated to obtain the highest possible price for our Property Professionals.

What is the next step?

Make the best decision for you and your property today. Contact us at CENTURY 21 to find out what we can do for you.

Alternatively, you may contact us on:

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