Why Century 21?

The CENTURY 21 brand is easily recognized as one of the world’s largest franchises in the real estate market. The system currently has 130,000 sales associates, operating in over 10,000 independently owned franchise brokers across 82 countries and territories, all of which form part of the movement.

The franchise’s core missions are clear: to DEFY mediocrity and DELIVER extraordinary experiences for its customers. Agents and property consultants all around the world adhere to the same philosophy and have been vigorously trained to always give 121% and ensure CENTURY 21 is the go-to brand for property buyers and sellers. In fact, CENTURY 21 calls their property consultants “change agents”, as they strive for excellence and set a new standard for others to follow suit.

The CENTURY 21 brand continues to grow and flourish in Malta, with currently 3 branches in different locations around the island; Fgura, Attard, and Victoria (Gozo). With recent investments into their future, the brand saw a number of modern technological leaps in the future, one of which is a solution built on the internationally renowned Salesforce platform, serving as a tool to assist agents in offering customers a better degree of service.

Famalco Group Director and Co-Founder, Hermann Mallia affirm that CENTURY 21 Malta is always excelling and that the brand aims to provide the highest standard to its customers. “If you want to sell or buy the perfect property, you must find the perfect real estate agency to help you. CENTURY 21 Malta guarantees that sellers are provided with the most effective marketing in order to sell their property and that buyers will find their hidden gem from the wide array of properties available here in Malta”, finishes Hermann Mallia. Therefore, it stands to reason why CENTURY 21 is the largest real estate franchise in the world which will surely keep celebrating success for years to come, making it the natural option when it comes to choosing a real estate service.

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As the brand grows its technological foundation, so does it invest heavily in its agents. Encouraging staff to benefit from the international and global status of the CENTURY 21 brand harbors, Maltese agents are frequently inspired to journey all over the globe to speak and listen to international high-end seminars and conferences, as well as participate in work groups, team-building exercises, and presentations. The advantage of having agents all around the globe with a common goal of succeeding and delivering the best results for customers boosts the healthy discourse between colleagues of different nationalities and helps find a familiar territory to help grow individual branches.

CENTURY 21 stands above the rest as one of the biggest and best real estate franchises for a reason. With international ties to provide their agents with the best technology, as well as local motivation to seek out professionals in the industry, CENTURY 21 Malta has confirmed their desire to maintain its steady growth and truly become a major player in the Maltese real estate market.


CENTURY 21® is more than just a brand name

The results are in and the CENTURY 21® brand is once again the top real estate brand for consumers, exceeding its competitors on total brand awareness for the 23rd consecutive year and boasting the most established brand image, according to a recently released 2021 Ad Tracking Study.


“These results from a third-party global market research firm cement our status as the leading real estate brand and speak to the success of our broker franchise network in helping consumers realize the dream of homeownership,” said Greg Sexton, chief operating officer, of CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC. “We are extremely proud to once again receive this recognition, which validates our System’s dynamic growth and the success of our independently owned and operated offices and their brokers and sales associates.”

“This recognition comes during an exciting time as we continue to leverage our agent-centric platform, national marketing programs, proprietary online tools, and key sponsorships to raise System member awareness, “added Sexton. “What we do is maximize new business opportunities in an effort to assist our System members to help home buyers and sellers make informed real estate decisions that in turn instill trust and loyalty in our professionals and our brand.”

About CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC

CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC is a subsidiary of Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY), a global leader in real estate franchising and provider of real estate brokerage, relocation, and settlement services. © 2022 CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. CENTURY 21® and the CENTURY 21 Logo are registered service marks owned by CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC. CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each office is independently owned and operated.

CENTURY 21® Global Referral Network

Send and Receive Referrals with your C21® Colleagues Across Town, Across the Country, or Around the World.

From Everywhere to You From You to Anywhere.

Just like LinkedIn® and Facebook®, everyone experiences the CENTURY 21® Global Referral Network in their preferred language — which means no barriers and no borders to your opportunities.

Every referral is securely tracked and permanently archived, so you are never left to wonder what happened to your client— or when you will receive your referral commission.

Welcome to the Family!


CENTURY 21® Malta adopts the latest technology

The brand’s philosophy itself is enough to show that there is no competition for this industry giant when it comes to real estate, with the mantra of SMARTERBOLDERFASTER. This philosophy guarantees that CENTURY 21 is the best that the market has to offer. For instance, the brand provides the latest technology with PropertyBase, a cutting-edge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database which empowers agents to give optimal services to their clients. CENTURY 21 also keeps its “change agents” up to date with local as well as international advertising and marketing exposure by hosting workshops and networking opportunities such as the Realogy Global Exchange which will be held in Las Vegas in 2022 as part of the yearly One21 Experience®.

The brand also ensures that its clients are provided with the fastest and most efficient service through its extensive database of properties currently on the market, ensuring that buyers will find their ideal property. Sellers are also guaranteed to get noticed through the brand’s culture and efficient advertising methods.

The CRM tool is already widely considered one of the best real estate solutions in the market, quickly setting the go-to software standard for real estate agencies all around the world. Through its wide-ranging functionality and data organization capabilities, Propertybase is the tool that will facilitate the lives of CENTURY 21 agents and empower them to give an ever-better service to their customers.

As is the case in most other industries today, technology is key in giving a company an edge over the competition. In this regard, CENTURY 21 has always led with innovation and continually set the standard for others to follow.

Operating by the highest of standards, ensuring high levels of professionalism, honesty, and accountability, and of course, always giving its 121%, CENTURY 21 continually strive to improve in order to be able to service their customer more efficiently and effectively.


CENTURY 21® University – Leading online education platform

Agents and leaders at every stage have a common problem. The real estate profession can be chaotic, which means it’s hard to gain momentum and hit your goals. Often there’s not enough time or energy to build those critically needed skills. It’s frustrating.

At CENTURY 21 University, we believe that you work hard and deserve a strong and successful career. The Results? So, we created a place for you to discover focused learning, proven strategies, and an environment of consistent action that aligns with your goals to create a predictable and profitable business. We have highlighted key courses that will aid you in developing your core competencies. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, we have provided a dedicated grouping of courses to focus your learning in these critical areas.

CENTURY 21 University focuses on building confidence in real estate professionals by providing proven strategies and fostering an environment of consistent action. Executing these strategies creates a profitable and predictable business.

CENTURY 21 University provides a number of resources to franchises to adapt and to help set up and operate their own learning and professional development programs.

What are CENTURY 21® Malta agents made of?

Experience has taught us that when selecting a real estate agent, most customers want the most informed, committed, and responsive real estate practitioners in the business. They also want the agents to be bold in their approach and to use their expertise in the sector to find them the right property without wasting too much of their precious time. At CENTURY 21 Malta, we are grooming our agents to embody these traits and develop into seasoned professionals, becoming SMARTER.BOLDER.FASTER.® in the process.

Being SMARTER is much more profound than simply dressing up in sharp suits. It is about thinking intelligently, getting organized in a highly disorganized market, keeping optimistic, and being cautiously perseverant in very tough market conditions. Similarly, being BOLDER is more profound than being smug. Bold leaders have strong self-awareness. They know when they should take bold action and when they are out of their element. They are usually confident, courageous, and self-directed persons who stand out from the rest. Being justifiably bold can lead to success. For instance, most clients often start off searching for the wrong type of property. They do it out of pique or because they fail to recognize that a direct correlation exists between wanting a certain type of commodities and actually paying for them. Customers need to go through a learning process before settling on the right property. Agents need to be bold enough to educate and lead their customers through this stage without imposing. Getting the balance right is a recipe for success, as long as it is done ahead of the competition. In this respect, being FASTER refers to efficiency and prompt action. So, in essence, it is all about putting oneself in the buyers’ shoes, understanding well their needs, and servicing such needs in an effective and timely manner.

At CENTURY 21 Malta we pride ourselves on having at our disposal all the necessary tools and resources to enable our agents to grow and become experts in the real estate field.

Strike gold with CENTURY 21® Malta

Are you ready for the next step, ambitious enough to become a successful entrepreneur, and have the desire to succeed? Do you want to achieve your maximum potential? If so, Century 21 Malta may just be the answer you’re looking for, do not let others restrain you!

The various high-yielding systems in place are geared to support, encourage and motivate Property Consultants to maximize their productivity and contribute to big dividends. Century 21 Malta offers the structures necessary to help its team successfully service a bigger market share that will contribute to its success and wealth development.

“Aligning with the CENTURY 21 brand gives you all the technology, resources, and brand recognition you need to attract new business, so you’re always ahead of the competition.”

Alex Brincat, CEO, CENTURY 21 – Malta

CEO, Mr. Alex Brincat said, “We invite those seeking a rewarding industry and are willing to invest in real estate to come forward and have a chat with us, in strict confidence. It’s the only way one can truly see for oneself the unparalleled structures we offer, in terms of support and earning potential. There’s no risk or obligation, so why wait another day to call and find out?”

DREAM BIG and MOVE FAST by joining us; either through our Joint Venture Scheme or by becoming an independently owned and operated Franchised office of CENTURY 21 Malta, which in turn is affiliated to CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC (century21.com), offers a tremendous opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs wanting to join a vibrant, winning team in a friendly environment that forms part of a global network represented in 82 countries. “For those who are serious about their future in the real estate industry, there’s just one conclusion: CENTURY 21 Malta is the obvious choice!” Alex Brincat adds.

For more information about CENTURY 21, either call Mr. Alex Brincat at (+356) 2339 2356 or (+356) 7923 3996, or by sending an email to [email protected] or visit us at www.century21.mt. CENTURY 21 Malta is a Real Estate Services Business Unit within Famalco|Building Business.

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