Small Space
  • Dec 7, 2022

Making the Most Out of your Small Space

In a country that is constantly looking for ways to provide more accommodation to its ever-increasing population, it is no secret that apartment and housing sizes are not what they used to be. With the increasingly large number of people looking to get a place for themselves, apartments seem to be getting smaller and smaller to accommodate the high demand. Although your apartment might be small in size, there are a lot of things you can do to deceive the eye and make your home look bigger and brighter.


Due to their reflective nature, light colors will do wonders to make a room look more spacious, as with them you are maximizing the effect created by natural light. On the other hand, painting walls in darker colors will absorb light and make the place look smaller.


If you choose a focal point and angle a mirror towards it, you will create the illusion of depth and therefore make the place look bigger. Placing a mirror in front of a window is your best option; alternatively, try placing it behind a chest or end table to make it look like there is a whole other space secretly tucked behind.

Maximizing Furniture

Given that this takes up a lot of space, make sure it is multifunctional. A chest could easily be used as a coffee table simultaneously and folding tables can be tucked away whenever you do not need them. Using furniture with exposed legs such as sofas and chairs will further contribute to creating light fillers under furniture, making the place look brighter. You should also consider pulling furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of spaciousness.


A vertical stripe rug under exposed furniture will definitely contribute to making a room look longer than it is. Patterned wallpapers on the ceiling draw attention upwards, making the room look bigger. Alternatively, something as simple as color-coordinating your bookshelf will make your space look streamlined.


Haven’t used it in a year? It’s taking up precious space which could be utilised for something better. When living in such a small space, you need to relentlessly remove clutter from your home; too much stuff will make it look smaller than it already is. Your floor should be as clear as possible and your wall should not be filled with small and numerous pictures; one tasteful painting or photo will do the trick.