Village Feast
  • Dec 7, 2022

Surviving your Village Feast is Not So Hard

Maltese summers are characterized by a number of things; sun, sea, sand, Gabbana’s serving mouth-watering food, and perhaps the most characteristic of all, the Festa. Every week in summer, Malta’s towns celebrate their village feast! Towns are lit up with the designated color of the parish church. People dress up in patriotic t-shirts whilst singing behind marches all week. It is not difficult to see why some people get annoyed when it’s their village’s turn to celebrate the feast; here are some tips on how you can successfully survive those 7 days.

Whatever you do, don’t move your car after 7 pm

It’s a given that the limited parking spaces in front of your property will be overtaken by those people who want to visit your village feast, and who can blame them when there is so much to see? Moving your car means that the chances of finding a parking spot on your return are close to nil, so it might be better to leave it in place and find another means of transportation.

Invite people over for a nice get-together

A bbq in your outdoor area is great for making the most of the free entertainment Festa week provides. Invite some friends over and watch the gorgeous Maltese skies light up with colorful fireworks which our parishes are so skilled in preparing.

Keep your windows closed overnight 

For the duration of the whole feast week, fireworks and church bells go off at 8 a.m like clockwork; they’re a nice ring to the ear and do a great job in putting you in the feasting spirit, but if you work nightshifts … If you want uninterrupted sleep, it might be better to seal your windows shut and find another way of letting some air into your home.

Get Some Exercise and Reward Yourself After

You’ll find lots to do in your village throughout the week. Stroll down to the pjazza and feast your eyes on the ample food kiosks set up along the streets. Reward yourself with a typical feast doughnut and then walk back home to burn some of it off; remember throughout this week, walking is always better than moving your car.