• Dec 9, 2022

F is for Franchising

Franchising /french-i-zing/ – an agreement between one party (the franchiser) and another party (the franchisee) for the right of the latter to use the former’s trademark or trade name as well as certain business systems and processes, to produce and market a good or service according to certain specifications.

Whether you are looking to grow in your career as a real estate agent, or whether you are looking to kick off your career as a business owner, franchising with CENTURY 21 is one of the best possibilities for you. It allows you a certain amount of freedom in that the ‘heavy lifting part of the job is done as you would be joining forces with an already established brand.

Which type of Franchising is for me?

You know what they say; if you can’t beat them, join them. There’s no need to stress yourself out with creating a new business that needs to compete with other businesses. You can choose to become a franchisee and still retain that factor of being in charge while benefitting from the franchiser’s years of experience and training that he provides.

On the other hand, if you already have your own agency but do not have the necessary resources to push your business to get more out of the current market, by franchising with CENTURY 21, you will be able to keep up with the competition and operate under our business system.


We are a leading international brand and our business methods have consistently shown great results with our clients. Don’t worry about being left to your own devices; once you franchise with us you will be trained to the CENTURY 21 standard and you will be provided with ongoing assistance. Furthermore, our experienced marketing team will professionally and effectively advertise your business.

Franchise Heaven

The hardest part of starting any business is getting the word out about what you do. But when franchising with us, you will gain access to our local and international client and property databases.

Another tough nut to crack in business is developing your skills and knowledge while maintaining the business. However, CENTURY 21 allows you to concentrate on what is most important while helping you avoid the majority of risks associated with running an independently-owned business.