Judith Lacosse
  • Dec 7, 2022

Judith LaCosse 1990’s – Unconventional Partnerships

We’ve endeavored to share the stories, of some of our #relentless, through each decade as we reflect on our momentum and growth over the past 50 years. What better way to showcase how CENTURY 21 Real Estate has continued to defy mediocrity and set the bar high in every way?

The 90s was a decade to remember, and we’ve had the chance to talk with Judy LaCosse of CENTURY 21 MM, who joined the ranks in 1978. As a mother with small children, becoming a real estate professional was, what Judy says, one of the best decisions she’s ever made. She was looking for a way to own her time, and be available for her children, and, in her own words, “it worked out perfectly.”

When we asked Judy what she remembered most, over the decades, she walked us down memory lane, in the heart of the 1990s. It was the summer of 1999 and Judy recalls the times she and her office, in the Bay area, would attend Major League Baseball games at the nearby stadium.

You’re probably wondering just how attending a baseball game, in the middle of summer, would remain etched in Judy’s memory. Let’s just say, it has something to do with the core of who we are and everything to do with defying mediocrity. Since the beginning, CENTURY 21 Real Estate has been intentional, in every way, to stand out from the crowd and use unconventional ways to remain top of mind to viewers, readers, and baseball fans.


Yes, baseball fans! In true CENTURY 21 Real Estate fashion, in the late 90s, we became the official real estate organization of Major League Baseball. Throughout the history of the brand, we have strived to defy what’s already been done by breaking barriers and raising the bar by 121%.

In Judy’s 42-year career, as a CENTURY 21 Real Estate agent, the brand momentum has always stood out to her and, she says, has helped her remain relevant in an ever-changing market.

“What I really like about Century 21, is they give you all the training you need in this business. I’m really happy with them.”

Concluding the 90s, we are continuing to celebrate our 50th anniversary, by sharing the stories of our #relentless, who have been boots-on-the-ground, throughout the decades. #OurBrandofRelentless.