Time to Drive a Bargain
  • Dec 7, 2022

Time to Drive a Hard Bargain

Within Malta, there are many hidden gems between tall and modern buildings, inside narrow and quiet streets; places that have been forgotten or no longer used places that are waiting for you to magically bring back to life. Hard work does not come easy, so these gems will disguise themselves in different forms. “You get what you pay for”, but loopholes exist and with the right help, you can get so much more.

Everyone loves a bargain, but buying a great property at a bargain price requires some extra work which many are not willing to commit to. Luckily, here at CENTURY 21 Malta, we may have your solution.

We Keep an Eye out for Possible Property Sales

Most properties that come at a bargain require some scavenger hunting, they very rarely come by chance and do not often make themselves quite visibly known. A keen and knowing eye on the market will be able to spot a bargain when they see one. With years of experience within the sector and a vast, expanding database, CENTURY 21 will be able to help you find the perfect property for your budget.

We Can Recognise a Property’s Potential

A bargain is a bargain because others do not recognize that they are getting something more than the price they are paying for. That peeling paintwork can be sanded down and the walls can be freshly painted; imagine how nice that old-looking floorboard would look with a bit of polish. Some of the details within the house might only be good for the trash, but some features can give a truly authentic touch to your home.

We Can Provide you with a Variety

You will be visiting a great number of listings until you find the perfect one. Keep in mind that a person selling is not obliged to make their property presentable to potential clients. It can be quite difficult to picture yourself living in a house that is full of other people’s clutter; we suggest that you close your eyes and imagine what this property could become with a little work.

We Can Give you a Helping Hand

Rome was not built in a day; bargain properties are not easy to find so if you are in a rush, you will need some extra help. If you choose CENTURY 21 as your agent, we will facilitate your endeavor and provide you with constant progress updates. Get ready to view a large number of properties and make a number of offers; the road is long, but we can get you there faster.

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